This really is the only place to be... for music education that is relevant, excellent and inspiring.

When re-designing the Studio and Ensemble Music Program at Peninsula Grammar I had two clear objectives - make it excellent and make it relevant.  Whilst preserving the great benefits of musical tradition, music needs to inspire and exist in the community and the mind of the student as a relevant part of todays culture.  

By shifting learning towards 'content creation', utilising technologies to write, arrange, record  and produce from early in the child's development, an inspired well rounded musician is formed.  Combine that with our array of ensembles from Jazz groups, Stage Bands, A'cappella choirs, Symphony Orchestras and a calendar full of performance opportunities alongside world class performers and staff members, I really believe there isn't a better place to be for excellent music. All that alongside an excellent schooling program. 

This site is the centre of what we do at Peninsula Grammar Music Department.  You can download work from staff and students, enjoy their performances, book tickets for our next event or spend time reading words of wisdom from our teachers.  

Looking forward to seeing you at an event this year. 

Dr. Richard Vaudrey - Head of Ensemble and Studio Music.