Stage Band Director

Saxophone Teacher

Grade 5 Band Program Co-Director

I decided to put all my energy into teaching

My life in music really began before birth as both my parents had a love of music, in particular Broadway shows and artists like Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter,  Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett to name a few. My first foray into playing an instrument came in Grade Six right here at TPS during a recorder class. I distinctly remember nailing "Oh Susanna" and the feeling of confidence it gave me, I knew at that moment that this was something I could excel at. I was plucked from that class and handed a clarinet. At around the age of fifteen I started teaching myself the guitar, by the time I was in Year Twelve I was working two nights a week in a local restaurant playing Guitar for $40 a night. That was a lot of money for a seventeen year old in 1981.

After Year Twelve I was accepted into the VCA's classical stream on clarinet where I completed my course with honours, all the time working as a guitar player in the evenings. Indeed a strange mix. The next Twenty Five years or so I worked as a commercial guitarist in and around Melbourne and Australia. During this time I was also teaching in some capacity at TPS finally accepting a full time position after a year travelling and playing in the USA. At some point I retired as a working guitarist and decided to put all my energy into teaching.

In more recent times I have changed my musical landscape completely by taking up the saxophone. My spare time is spent studying Jazz and endeavouring to bring this genre alive here at TPS. I am responsible for two Stage Bands at the School. I am extremely passionate about our Senior Stage Band, our journeys to Mt Gambier every year are legendary. In just three festivals we have placed second, third and another top ten place. I also co-ordinate the Grade 5 Band Program along side Georgia Scott as well as the Show Band.