Guitar Teacher, Guitar Ensemble Director


Anthony began learning the guitar at the age of 14 after initially being inspired by the music of Nirvana. He first started learning at Guitar Village in Frankston and learnt for a year before his teacher showed him a thing called “classical guitar”.

Once he commenced learning classical guitar he worked through the AMEB grades and by the time he was undertaking VCE, he knew that he wanted to study classical guitar at VCA. 

He then begun getting serious about his music making and eventually was accepted into the Victorian college of the arts school of music.

After graduating from VCA Anthony began teaching and performing anywhere he could, from busking to restaurants and recitals. Anthony really enjoys being a musician within the community.

He began teaching at The Peninsula School in 2013 and enjoys inspiring students' music making.

Anthony feels very strongly about the role of music in the world and believes that every human being should have access to be involved with music making. He believes that making music is a lifelong process that brings a great deal joy to many people’s lives.