Standing Ovation at new concert to TPS Calendar

from Adam Wesley, (Stage Band Director)

Wednesday May the 4th 2016 saw a unique musical event occur at TPS. I was asked to put on an event to farewell our Stage Band and A'capella groups as they headed off to Mount Gambier for the 2016 Generations in Jazz Festival. As with everything Stage Band, I needed to come up with something special. The idea of the past, the present the future arose and I went about contacting ex Stage Band alumni players and future players. The evening was a great success with performances by our Stage Band, Little Big Band, Unaccompanied Minors, and an a'capella quartet. A highlight of the night was a beautiful rendition of Sidney Bechet's Si tu vois ma mère featuring Steph Stuart on sax and Celeste Robertson on trumpet joined by the class of 2013 alumni players Quentin Roth, Ben Benton and John Radnell. Another highlight was the great performance of Atisket Atasket by Indygo Symons (Year 4) and Matilda-Pearl Muir (Year 8) both singing together with Stage Band. It was great to have the incredible Maddy Corbel return to sing a couple of tunes, you could hear a pin drop when she came on stage to perform. The grand finale lifted the roof as the class of 2013 alums joined the Stage Band for an encore performance of MacArthur Park with the great hammond Organ battle between Quentin Roth and current student Noah Szto. All that was left was a standing ovation.