A Stage Band Day with Ross Irwin

The latest performance of the TPS Presents Concert Series was presented by Australia's very own Ross Irwin, a songwriter, trumpeter, pianist and all-round talent with a background in jazz. Ross has extensive experience with student and professional big bands worldwide and shared some of his tips with the Stage Band to help us deliver a "world-class" performance at the upcoming Generations in Jazz festival this May. With constructive advice ranging from stylistic expression to clarity and accuracy of articulation, every member of the band took something useful away from the experience and we now have a competitive edge against the other schools in the competition. The workshop has made me more aware of the stylistic demands of our pieces and has left me with tips that will last me my musical career. A big thanks on behalf of the band to Ross Irwin for the workshop and fantastic concert and of course to Richard Vaudrey and Adam Wesley for getting him in.

Tully Robertson

Head of Instrumental Music

TPS Music Department Launches its Technology Developments.

On Wednesday March 2nd, TPS Music Staff held a demonstration outlining some of the new technological developments that will be rolling out over the coming years at The Peninsula School.  

Each music studio where private lessons are undertaken will be equiped with the latest audio hardware and software to enable teachers to design new ways of enhanced teaching within the lesson. 

TPS music faculty demonstrated some of the custom made Ableton Live Sessions they tailored for their students.  These platforms, beautifully malleable to cater for every level of ability, ranged from simulating enhanced sound ("training wheels for tone production"), practising relative pitch, applying varying rhythm combinations and the fundamentals of looping.  A demonstration on the introduction of SmartMusic had students excited about being able to practice ensemble music at home with the full the band and a virtual teacher noting all mistakes and successes. 

Year 12 student Isabella completed the night with a stunning cover of Mat Corby's "Resolution" performed with Ableton Live and Launchpad, triggering samples she created entirely with her cello and voice whilst playing and singing simultaneously.  

This is an exciting initiative unique to The Peninsula School that will bridge the gap between preserving the age old traditions of learning an instrument and utilising new technologies to inspire us and accelerate learning. 

Students at The Peninsula School will also have the opportunity to take private lessons in digital music production later in 2016.