Dear Students of Music

In 2016 we will be changing the Music Colours criteria with a new emphasis on rewarding excellence.  There will no longer be separate Music Colours for Solo and Ensemble Music, simply one category that can be achieved by satisfying the criteria below. A ‘Colours Performance Examination’ is being introduced which will allow all students wishing to be considered for Colours to be assessed objectively using recognised criteria.

These changes have been approved by the Awards Committee and the date for this year’s Colours Performance Examination has been set for Wednesday 10 August 2016 (Week 5 Term 3). I encourage all students wishing to receive either a Merit, Half or Full Colour award to begin preparing with their teacher as early as possible. Please read the new criteria for Music Colours below.

Criteria / Process for achieving Colours Award:

·       A student elects to sit Colours Performance Exam held mid Term 3

·       A student presents two contrasting works at a minimum approximate standard of AMEB Gr 6 or equivalent. Works DO NOT need to be within a published syllabus but must meet          the required standard.  Please see your teacher for help with repertoire choice.

·       Full / Half / Merit to be awarded on the quality and standard of the performance.

·       Students will be assessed by a minimum of five panel members using the VCE performance exam criteria.

·       Adjudication assessment / feedback from each panelist will be available to students and parents.

·       Before entering the exam, students must present an ‘Ensemble Recommendation’ from one ensemble director with the criteria below. All three components must be met for a       student to be eligible to receive the Full Colour Award

1.      Attendance: Student displayed professional reliability in attendance.

2.      Leadership: Student displayed behavioural leadership in ensemble rehearsals and performances.

3.      Preparation / Playing Standard: Student consistently attends ensemble with a high standard of playing and solid preparation.

·       Non-Ensemble students may present a Chamber Music Performance with a minimum of four rehearsals and two faculty coachings in lieu of an ensemble.  Ensemble                Recommendation from this project must be presented at the Colours Performance Exam.

There will be provision to recognize students whose service to music has been outstanding within the awards presented annually at our Celebration Evening.

I look forward to hearing many of you this year as you aim to be on the first recipients of this new prestigious award.


Yours sincerely

 Dr Richard Vaudrey

Head of Studio and Ensemble Music