Songwriting /  Music Production

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•  Lionel attended The Victoria College of Arts High School on a Music Scholarship and trained as a concert pianist before becoming a DJ and eventually fell into music production, composition and songwriting
  •Achieved platinum sales (400,000+) globally with Lionel's own project Gypsy & The Cat
•  Music Director / Composer and Arranger for 2017 Australian Of The Year Awards at Parliament House Canberra which premiered on the ABC
•  Music used on various films, TV shows and advertisement campaigns globally – i.e. Canon, Vodafone, ‘The Intern’ with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, many seasons of 90210, Degrassi Junior High, Holiday Inn 2017 campaign and many more etc
•  In 2016 Lionel's song 'Young Hearts' which he wrote for indie pop band 'Strange Talk' was used for a Global Snap Chat Campaign and pushed to over 35 million users
•  Lionel's work spans over 40 million Spotify streams as of January 2017
•  In 2010 Lionel received a Gold Record and multiple ARIA Nominations for his album ‘Gilgamesh’
•  Top 10 Radio Hits in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium with two songs ‘Jona Vark’ and ‘Time To Wander’
•  Signed International Recording Deal with Sony UK in 2008 where Lionel was based in London for almost two years (also undertook performance and vocal coaching with Mary Hammond (Coldplay/Muse/Dido/Kaiser Chiefs) at the London Royal Academy Of Music)
•  Lionel had 3 songs in JJJ Hottest 100 2010 and 1 song in 2011
•  Tropscore Finalist in 2013 – with Lionel's score for short film ‘Apart’
•  Lionel writes, produces and composes in many genres from Classical, to Pop to HipHop to Indie Rock and has written and produced songs and EP's for/with numerous artists including David Guetta, Mr Hudson, Okenyo, E^st, Nicolle Miller, Client Liaison, Urthboy, Adam Martin, Timomatic, Strange Talk, Danni Minogue, to name a few.

•  Toured extensively and performed to crowds of up to 60,000 all over Europe, Asia, America, and Australia – Key performances were Big Day Out, Future Music Festival, Summersonic Festival Japan, NME Festival in England, Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodites Tour 2011