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Hetty Kate with Grayson, Farrugia & Sherlock

British new wave, pop and rock with a jazz sensibility.

After the success of the Grayson, Farrugia and Sherlock 2015 original instrumental release ‘Wolf & Hound’, jazz vocalist Hetty Kate has invited them to collaborate with her for a new project exploring and combining transoceanic and disparate musical genres. Drawing from an eclectic collection of British new wave, pop and rock, the group reinterpret and reharmonise this iconic music with a jazz sensibility. Expect David Bowie, The Eurythmics, A Flock of Seagulls, Tears For Fears and more.

The hammond organ jazz trio is a rarity on the Australian musical landscape. Consisting of the classic Hammond B3 organ together with a Leslie cabinet, drums and guitar, the trio allows an open sound that gave equal weight to each musician, allowing a freedom not often found in larger ensembles. The colours and space within are the perfect conduit to deliver a beautiful, yet uncommon, presentation of the music that shaped a generation.


Hetty Kate - Voice

James Sherlock - Guitar

Ben Grayson - Organ

Danny Farrugia - Drums